IntroductionThe Gentry and the Constitution 1066-1307
II The Estates of the Essex Gentry 1272-1307:
Location and Distribution
The Selection of the Sample
The Sources
The General Distribution of the Estates within the County
The Distribution of Estates by Hundreds
The Distribution of Grouped Estates
Estates held in other Counties
Estates held across County Borders
III The Estates of the Essex Gentry 1272-1307:
Extent and Value
Acreage Totals
The Value of the Land
Rents and other Money Incomes
Transactions in the Land Market
The Feudal Framework
IV The Essex Gentry as Officers of Local Government 1272-1307
Keepers of the Peace
Judicial Commissions
Gaol Delivery
Oyer and Terminer
Walls and Ditches
Jury Service
Irregular Commissions
Franchisal Rights
Communal Obligations
V the Essex Gentry as Consumers of Local Government 1272-1307
Executors of Wills
Analysis and Discussion of Chapters IV & V
The Burden of Office
VI-i The Essex Knights and the Parliaments of Edward I
General functions of the Representatives
VI-ii The election of Essex Knights to the Parliaments of Edward Ist
Abnormal Election Returns
The Appointment of Mainpernors
Electoral Procedures
Election and Re-election
Table of re-election and Age at election
Miscellaneous and Circumstantial Evidence.
VI-iii Assessors and Collectors of Taxation
Table of Assessors and Collectors in Essex
Re-appointment of Assessors and Collectors.
Relations with Household & Government.
VII The Essex Gentry and Military Service 1272-1307
The Nature of the Summons
The Pressure of Service in General
Military Councils
The Pressure of Service on Individuals
Feudal Obligations
Service with Other Lords
The Valuation of Horses
Military Administration
VIII Conclusion
The Estates of the Essex Gentry - Summary of Acreage Totals
Distribution of Estates by Hundreds
Table of Cases
Table of Enrolled Debts
Period of Adult Life available for Service in Public Administration
Mainpernors Appointed for Essex Representatives 1295-1307
Royal Grants to Essex Knights
Military Activities of Essex Knights during the Reigns of Edward I and II